Mediterranean Event & Wedding Planners

«From start to finish, our whole day was seamless and perfect thanks to this great team. You can see that this is not just a job for them, this is their passion. Just amazing!».

Jessica Brogan

Imagine Menorca

Imagine its beaches, its nature and its charm. Imagine what you can see… and what you can feel when you are here, immersed in its beauty.

The Menorca Events team has more than ten years’ experience organising events with a local vibe. We live on the island and know the best locations and local suppliers, as well as the little secrets that will take your wedding or event to the next level, imbuing it with the real essence of Menorca.

We put our heart and soul into our events

We love working for people who share our passion for Menorca. We thoroughly enjoy listening, finding solutions and getting involved in your special day. The trust you place in us motivates us to create special events and memories to be cherished for many years to come.

The success of our weddings and events depends on much more than just design, catering and locations, it is the result of people, empathy and trust; the elements that really give a party soul.

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Choose an event and fall in love with Menorca

Enjoy life
Leave the stress behind and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle. Here life moves at a slower, calmer pace and focuses on the pleasures of life. We want your event planning to flow the same way.
Connect, flow…
… and let yourself go.
Connect to the island and its spirit, to its light, its nature and its lifestyle. We are proud creators of meaningful events for mindful people who like to do things differently.
We source locally
Forget traditional events and enjoy an authentic local experience. Our team of resident professionals are committed to combining the culture of the island with your objectives.
We are mindful
We embrace nature, life and joy. The most important part of our job is connecting with people like you, and empathising with your goals and emotions.
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Organising your event in Menorca: the steps

The first step is to have a chat and find out how we can work together. Contact us online, or in person if you are in Menorca. We will be thrilled to hear your plans and excited to get going. We will share our ideas and enthusiasm and start looking at options

The second step is when we really get to work. We will perform an assessment, start planning, coordinate with suppliers and then prepare everything to ensure your big day is a resounding success. You will have a team of local professionals committed to helping you or your company with your project and turn it into a Menorcan delight. Who can resist the lure of the Mediterranean?!



Let’s talk

Tell us your ideas so we can start planning your perfect event