From Australia to Menorca with love;

Hayley and Chris’ wedding

Chris had very clear in his mind that he wanted something special during the ceremony. He was getting married to Hayley, the woman of his dreams, and he had to impress her in the most important moment of their lives. So, without giving a second thought, he took the microphone and sang to his beloved that they had a new world to discover. Like Aladdin from Disney. Hailey was drooling! And, what the hell… me too! Like in the song, they still have lots of things to explore. And their wedding invited them to meet the romanticism of Menorca.

It was due to familiar circumstances that they arrived to the island. They were thinking of getting married in Thailand, but they readjusted their plans to be closer to England, since they are both English living in Australia. Prying the Instagram, they found our pictures. From that moment, Menorca ousted by far Barcelona, Sitges and Mallorca (the three destinations they had in mind); I guess, though, the first Skype we had and where we connected a lot had something to do with it as well. ☺

Both of them were clear about coming to Menorca the week of their wedding to have fun. So I got them a bit of a route among tasting menus and hairdresser appointments.

I could prove that happiness was infectious the day I was with them at the restaurant. Hayley’s siblings and her master of ceremonies came as well, and we didn’t stop laughing and drinking a toast until the key moment arrived!

The D-day, Hayley came into the ceremony looking lovely, with a dress by Peter Trends called “Madagascar” and the rays of sunlight tanning her hair. Chris, faithful to his casual style, was wearing a shirt and a blazer from M.J.Bale. He had such a style! What can I say? We were lucky to have the great photographer Meri Santos with us, so here you have the pictures, which always worth more than words.