Our beloved island of Menorca has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.

In Menorca Events we are committed to maintaining this beauty and ecological lifestyle. Our goal is to create a dream wedding without harming our special environment.

In a green wedding we must think of every detail with a protective vision of our environment: dress, invitations, the ceremony (wedding on the beach, farms), transport, decoration, lighting, banquet, etc.

We must take into account energy saving, the use of recycled, natural and organic raw materials and/or km 0 (local), etc.
With Menorca Events you can be sure to be in the hands of specialists who know and love our planet and Menorca in particular.

Apart from green weddings, we can and will be happy to organize any event under these biological and environmental friendly guidelines.

Do not hesitate to make your ecological wedding under these green guidelines in Menorca with Menorca Events. In here, we will have a great facility to find the perfect location for your ceremony and banquet.
We wait for you with open arms to help you celebrate your love for each other and for a better world.