Mel and Choc’s wedding in Menorca

Having a relaxed bride the day of her wedding is like trying to mix water and oil… an impossible combination! But Mel broke all the moulds and, maybe due to the calm of Menorca, she welcomed me half asleep in her room when I gave her the bouquet. Long live for the unworried brides! It was the best beginning for a wedding that started sleepy and finished being a dream.

I met Mel and her husband in a bar in the village where I live. They had been travelling for a while. She is Colombian and he is Argentinian, but they had put their foot on New York, México and Switzerland. With all these places in the map, an island couldn’t be missed. In fact, a friend of both was who recommended them to come to Menorca and, less than 24 hours later, they decided they wanted to get married in the middle of the Mediterranean.

With all these intercontinental jumps, the guests arrived from everywhere: The United States, Colombia, Argentina, México, France, Spain, The United Kingdom… a multicultural wedding. The bride and the groom had asked me for something rural, so we celebrated the wedding in the middle of the countryside, in the church of Binixems, in June

The confidence and complicity we had during the months we were getting things ready were the best ingredients to have the perfect day.

She was wearing a design by Rue De Seine (she looked amazing!) and Choc wore a suit from Benson and Clegg. The most special moments were immortalized by Mikeandtom.

Here you have those fairy-tale moments that gave us goose bumps (and that, I hope, they will move you as much as they moved me!). ☺