Romantic wedding in Menorca; Sofía and Javier’s commitment

Menorca is a very important part of Sofía’s life. Every year, and since she was a baby, she spends the summer in the island with her family. Her best childhood and teenage memories are in this small piece of Mediterranean rock. And it was also the place where Javier, her fiancée, decided to propose to her. What about the wedding? I’m sure you’ll know where they celebrated it… ☺

However, their story started in the mountains, more specifically in the Cerdaña, during the New Year’s Eve. Sofia had come back to Spain four days before, after having been away for eleven years. Her cousin invited her to his house to have dinner with some friends. Among them, Javier. The day of New Year, he decided they would have dinner together again. And the next day. And the next… Wherever it was, they wanted to be together forever. “Romantic” is the word that defines them.

And romanticism was the concept they wanted to express in every detail of their day. The place, the pink and pastel colours, the fineness of the elements on the tables, the glances we could see between them…! The wedding was held in Cugó Gran, an exclusive club in Menorca that gave to the event that classical touch they wanted from the beginning.

The most impressive reaction was the one from the guests. They were amazed with the party that we had prepared and with the natural environment of the island! That was what the bride had asked: she wanted a cosy, charming and special place. And looking at their faces and comments, I can say we did it! ☺

Sofía’s dress was special too, made by the Barcelonan brand Tothom. Javier opted for the modern English style from the brand Hackett. And the moments that we will have forever were captured by Raquel Benito. Here you have some of them.